Two new cover songs of “Toast to Freedom” will be released on Human Rights Day.

On Human Rights Day, December 10, 2012, two new versions of “Toast to Freedom,” a song that first appeared in May of 2012 in celebration of the human right’s organization’s 50th anniversary, will be released.  These new versions, each a unique interpretation of the original, continue to spread the organization’s human rights message.

More than forty students at the Institute for Music of the College at Osnabrueck, the symphony orchestra of Osnabrueck and thousands of local citizens have turned recordings of the Amnesty International anthem “Toast To Freedom” into a demonstration for freedom that’s truly one-off-a-kind! 

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Coinciding with the release of “Toast to Freedom,” Amnesty also sponsored a competition encouraging musicians all over the world to enter their own musical interpretations and arrangements of this catchy tune.  Of the many entries received, “Toast to Freedom – The Berlin Mix” by the young Berlin artist Luca, was unanimously chosen by the judges as the winner.  Inspired by Berlin’s own struggles against tyranny, Luca succeeded in creating a moving arrangement that captures a deep and intense yearning for freedom. 


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